The Music We Play


It is very difficult to describe the type of music we play, as we have such a wide and diverse range of music, played on our Automation System and by our Presenters.

You will find that all our Presenters play a wide selection of music, from golden oldies, chart music, soul, rock, blues and even specialty genres, such as Irish and Country music! This is what makes us unique, as not only do we cater for the mainstream pop and genre, instead we have a selection of specialist programming from around the world!

We don’t set limits on what our Presenters can or cannot play. Instead, we give our Presenters the freedom to play what they like; as long as:

  • The track is covered by PRS \ PPL
  • Is free from foul language \ adult content or drugs
  • That the Presenters do not play the same artist within a 3 hour period*
  • That the Presenters do not play the same track title within a 1 hour period*

* This is to comply with our licencing agreements.

We Nurture New Talent

We’re always interested in hearing from unsigned artists and those who have just started out in the Commercial Music industry. We’ll happily air new material out on air, as long as it conforms to the above guidance on track lyrics \ content. We can ask our Presenters to play your record on the air and help to publicise your work.

If you would like to know more about getting your record aired on air, please contact the Unsigned Team, who manage music from our  Unsigned Artists

As well as this, we are always looking for bright, bubbly and enthusiastic volunteers to bring new shows to the station. So if you are interested in joining us, please click here.

 We love Requests!

We love to hear from our listeners and love to hear about the music you would like us to play. We have several request shows each  day, where we will gladly play your requests. (Just as long as the Presenter on air has the record!)

On some of our Pre-Recorded Shows, the Presenter will ask you to email in your request, which will be played on the next edition of their show.