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Get In Touch With The Studio

Phone in and leave us a voicemail:

Call: 01253 80 82 64 or 01606 339915 and press option 1

Text the Presenter Currently On Air:

Text SHOUT  followed by your name and message to 82055

Send an Email to the Presenter Currently On Air

Email: studio@shoutradio.org.uk

Send us an instant message:

Via the Website and click the Contact The Studio Button on the right of any page

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Office Contacts:

Write to us:

Shout Radio
Regus House
Herons Way
Chester Business Park

Give us a call:

Call Main Switchboard: 01606 339915 (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm)

And choose from the following options:

Press 1 for the Studio

Press 2 For Management

Management Menu

Press 1 for Production and Presentation

Press 2 for our IT Servicedesk

Press 3 for IT Services (Non Support Only)

Press 4 for Social Media

Press 5 for the Duty Team (All General Inquiries)

Out Of Hours

If you need to speak to someone urgently out of hours, (IE: You are not well and cannot do your show or have another urgent issue) or need to report an emergency, (IE: The streams are down, website or email not working etc) Please phone switchboard on 01606 339915 and choose option. Your call will automatically be put through to the Duty Team.

If your issue is not urgent and can wait until the office opens again, please do not call the Duty Team. Please also do not call the Duty Team to leave messages for our daytime teams.

Send us an email:

For all general inquiries, please use our Management Team Email Address: management@shoutradio.org.uk

Departmental Contacts

Shows Administration Team

Email: shows@shoutradio.org.uk

This email address is for use by shows that we currently broadcast. All other programming related queries, should be sent via the Membership Team

IT Services Servicedesk

Email:  servicedesk@shoutradio.org.uk 

This is our single point of access for contacting our Support Team via email, 24 \ 7 .  In an emergency out of hours, please contact the Duty Team (See Above)

Volunteer Services Team

Email: membership@shoutradio.org.uk

Communications And Social Media Team:

Email: communications@shoutradio.org.uk

Website and IT Team

For problems with the Website, email etc, please contact us via the Servicedesk. for all other IT \ Website queries, please email it@shoutradio.org.uk