Station Management Team

Shout Radio is managed by an enthusiastic Management Team, who oversee the day to day running of the station. (and also are volunteers themselves) Our Management Team come from all walks of life and all bring their own unique personalities, (and skills) to the station.

Management is currently made up of 4 Senior Managers, who are supported by a number of Assistants. Our management team meet on a weekly basis to discuss issues that concern the station and to catch up on the events of the last week.

As mentioned before, we have 4 Senior Managers and a number of assistants. These are named contacts that other volunteers can contact for help, advice or for a chat!

Station Management Staff

Senior Positions:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Aaron Bennett

Managing Director (MD) – Jonathan Richards (James Johnson)

Station Manager – Beckski

Unsigned & Communications Manager – Tal Kennedy

Lower Management:

General Assistant – Matt Vann

General Assistant – Rachel Vann

Secretary – Edd Norton