How Shout Radio Works

We give Broadcasters powerful and professional broadcast tools,  perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike!

Shout Radio makes it easy to broadcast a show. All you need is a computer with a Broadband Connection, our Broadcast Client and a stack of MP3s. You do not need a mixer-desk to do shows on Shout Radio, as we can accommodate Presenters who only have a headset. (Our client allows the best of both worlds)

Our advanced Broadcast Client also lets you know when to begin broadcasting your show and when to stop. It’s quick to setup, easy to use and as mentioned before, can be used with either a mixer-desk or with just a headset and your Favourite broadcast application!

Stream Hogging is a thing of the past! 

The client also works with our Automation System, which allows us to control who goes on air when. There is no chance of another Presenter trying to pinch other people’s slots, as the system controls when you can broadcast your show. If you are not scheduled a show, the countdown will show the remaining time until your next show.  The client will only allow you to connect to the stream,  once there is less than 5 minutes remaining, until the start of your show. You may login any time up to your show, but you will not be able to click the red “Connect To Shout Radio” button, unless you have under 5 minutes until your show starts.

Management of the station is all web based and in the cloud


From the web based control panel, we can manage shows, the schedule and our Presenters; directly, quickly and easily. From adding new Presenters to the system, to scheduling shows, nothing beats the power or the sheer brilliance of our Automation System. The best part of it is, our Management Interface can be accessed from any computer with a Internet connection and a web browser, So regardless if you are at home, at work or on your mobile device, Shout Radio is never out of reach!