How Shout Radio Works


Shout Radio makes it easy to broadcast a show. All you need is a computer with a Broadband Connection, our Broadcast Client and a stack of MP3s.  If you don’t fancy doing a show live, you can easily record a show and then upload it, using our Broadcast Client.

Our advanced Broadcast Client also lets you know when to begin broadcasting your show and when to stop. It  is not just an encoder, but also acts as a Unified Messaging Centre,  as well as allowing Presenters to upload pre-recorded shows and also gives a visual countdown to the start and the end time of the show being broadcast, when doing a live show.


 The client also works with our Automation System, which allows us to control who goes on air when. There is no chance of another Presenter trying to pinch other people’s slots, as the system controls when you can broadcast your show. If you are not scheduled a show, the countdown will show NONE, instead of a countdown to your show starting.  If you connect to the server with less than 59 minutes before your show is due to start, the server will countdown the time until your show begins.


From the web based control panel, we can manage shows, the schedule and our Presenters; directly, quickly and easily. From adding new Presenters to the system, to scheduling shows, nothing beats the power or the sheer brilliance of Airsuite, which is the bespoke broadcast software we use to keep the station on air 24 hours a day!