Visions and Values

We put listeners at the heart of what we do:

  • We treat listeners how we would wish to be treated;
  • We listen to listeners and understand their views;
  • We treat our listeners with dignity and respect;
  • We learn from complaints;
  • We act in a professional manner at all times;
  • We respect confidentiality.

We respect each other and prize teamwork:

  • We are courteous and polite to each other;
  • We treat each other as equals;
  • We take a zero tolerance stance on bullying and harrasment;
  • We respect the roles of other departments;
  • We are understanding when people are under pressure;
  • We are flexible and try to help others if we can.
  • We do not discriminate against those who are disabled

We praise more than blame:

  • We listen to the views of our volunteers;
  • We recognise and reward volunteer achievements;
  • We promote innovative work and share best practice;
  • We learn from mistakes and have a ‘no blame’ culture.

We have a ‘Can Do’ attitude:

  • We put ourselves out, not ourselves first;
  • We encourage ideas for improvement;
  • We think about how we can overcome obstacles rather than focus on why we can’t;

We embrace change for the better:

  • We see change as an opportunity to improve our service;
  • We actively support change when it can be demonstrated that it will improve listener’s experience;
  • We set out the benefits of change and monitor them.

We communicate, communicate, communicate:

  • We have several communication mechanisms in place for volunteers to receive and feedback information;
  • We encourage volunteer involvement;
  • volunteers are kept informed and know what is happening within the station;
  • Managers are visible and make time to listen to volunteers