Before contacting our Support Team, please read through this page, to see if you can find a resolution to your issue. Failing that, please check out our Knowledgebase, before raising a support request.

If you are experiencing problems listening to the station:

Firstly, please check that your speakers are plugged in and switched on. If you still cannot listen to the station, please update Flash Player. (If you are using our player) If you are using tune in, please raise a support ticket.

Check the volume on your computer. To do this, click the sound icon, next to the clock. Make sure that the volume fader is up for your browser,.

Try using the direct link to the station stream. This should open the stream in Windows Media Player.

If you are experiencing problems broadcasting:

Please make sure that you have clicked the connect button on the Radio.co Broadcast Client. You should then get the correct countdown to the start of your show.

If you have become disconnected from the show, but are still seeing the red countdown: Please click the disconnect from the server button and then click again to reconnect to the server.

If the time to your show starting says NONE and the re-sync time is more than 5 minutes, you should remain connected and wait for the reync time to reach zero. If you still see the start time as ZERO and the re-sync time has reached 0 again,  please contact On Call.

Website Issues

Error 400 Messages: This error means your browser sent a request to our web server that didn’t make any sense. This usually indicates that a link’s URL is incorrect and points to a location that can’t possibly exist on a server. The URL may contain non-standard symbols or characters, or the path might be illogical. please raise a support request. should you should see this message.

Error 401 Messages: You’ll receive this error if you fail to submit a correct username and password for a protected resource on our web site. This only occurs for the type of login prompts that pop up a separate dialog requesting your password. These will occur when you enter the wrong login information for a directory that is password protected. If you should need access to the resource that is password protected, or if you have forgotten your password; please raise a support request.

Error: 403 Messages: These messages mean that the content you are looking for are unavailable, due to the permissions set on the page or folder. If you think you should have access to the page or folder, please raise a support request

 Error 500 Messages:  Please  wait a couple of minutes and refresh the page. If you continue to get error 500 messages, please raise a support request.

Error 404 Messages: This usually means that the page you are looking for cannot be found. Please go back to the previous page and look for an alternative link to your requested content. please raise a support request should you keep seeing this message.