HQ Studio Refurbishment

The studio at Shout Radio HQ in Northwich is getting a much needed refurbishment!

This page was last updated on: January 14, 2017

Our current studio accommodation is very cluttered and is not fit for purpose, so we are refurbishing the studio and  will be re-utilising the space as well as installing new furniture, a new Soniflex S2 Broadcast Console, added power sockets, (which means that we do not need to use several extension leads any more) On Air Lights and we will be fitting soundproofing felt onto the walls, which will help to keep the studio soundproof. We are also having new lighting and new blinds.

The current studio in Northwich

The main feature is the new desk, which is L Shaped, with a built in cupboard for the studio computers, a large hexangular end table, for guests and built in management for cables. The computer cabnet will be one of the legs that will hold up the desk and there will be a hollow leg in the guest table, which will hold the cables for the guest microphones and headphones cable.

Soniflex S2 Broadcast Desk

The Soniflex S2 Broadcast Desk, will have 25 channels and we’ll be connecting the desk to our existing studio equipment, which includes our Denon CD Players. These will be in a 12u Raq, which will be on the desktop. We will also for the 1st time, be able to play vinyl tracks from our HQ Studio! There will also be stands that will house the computer monitors and we will be using wireless keyboards and mice, which will mean that thee will be less cabling .

Of course, none of this would be possible, without the extremely generous donation we received to get the studio refurbished and to get all this new equipment for the studio. Our  donor has asked that we do not reveal their identity, but we would like to send our heartfelt thanks for the extremely generous donation. Also we would like to thank Broadcast Radio, who are providing the Soniflex S2 Broadcast Desk and Kernow Carpentry, who are building the studio desk for us.

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