Our Building


The Shout Radio Head Office is in a convenient yet undisclosed location. It is on the ground floor of the building and is in easy distance from the shops and bus services. Our office is open planned and will also be where our primary studio will be based.  We also have a small “Kitchenette”, where volunteers can make drinks for themselves, or for visitors.  During Jan and Feb 2019, we will be kitting out part of the office, so that volunteers can come and use the office to do shows! YES, WE WILL BECOME A COMMUNITY RADIO STATION! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Parking: There is on street parking, outside the building, however this is on a first come first serve basis.  Parking is restricted to 1 hour at any given time, with no return within 2 hours. However, across the street is not restricted, and  is on a first come first serve basis. You can also park on Warley Road and surrounding streets for free. (However, there may be restrictions in place.) The nearest public carpark is at Gynn Gardens at the bottom of Warbrek Hill Road,  (Next to the Savoy Hotel) however it is a pay and display car park.

Exterior Access: Our building is semi-accessible, to those who are in a wheelchair, or have disabilities. There is a step at the front of the building, but if you ring the bell, we can come to the door and deploy our mobile access ramp.

Inside Access: Most of the office is on one level. However, the rear of the office is on a platform, so wheelchair users will need to use our ramp to gain access to the upper part of the office. The Kitchenette at the back of the building is accessible. However, disabled volunteers may need to ask for assistance when carrying drinks etc.

Lighting: Lighting levels are good. The main office uses strip lighting, which do throw out a good amount of light, while the kitchen and toilet use spot lights, which are very bright!

Toilet Facilities: We do have a toilet at the rear of the building. The is just about big enough to get a wheelchair in and we will be having grab rails and an alarm installed soon. The toilet fittings are accessible, as we do have a low level toilet suite installed. However, the light switch is out of reach, which may require disabled volunteers to ask for the switch to be pressed for them.

Emergency Evacuation: For our volunteers, with disabilities, we have Personal Evacuation Plans, which help us identify help needed when an evacuation is needed.