Welcome to the Shout Radio System Status Page

This Status Page, gives near real time information about the status of our major and critical IT systems. If you notice a issue not mentioned here, please open an emergency support request, via the IT Servicedesk.
Service Status
Websites Degraded Service
Lightspeed Web Server Operational
MYSQL Operational
DNS Operational
Public Website Operational
Intranet Operational
FTP Operational
Email Services Degraded Service
IMAP Mail Server Operational
POP3 Mail Server Operational
SMTP Server Operational
Webmail Operational
Mail Accounts Operational
Radio.co Operational
Shoutcast Server Operational
Portal Operational
FTP Operational
Client Service Operational
Legacy Broadcast Platform Operational
Remote Streams Operational
Office Network Operational
Storage Services Operational
Telephony Services Operational
Print Services Operational