70+ Active Volunteers

Our Volunteers are the backbone of the station

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and all have unique talents that they bring to the station!

Our Volunteers have a wide number of roles, from Presenting, Production, Social Media, Admin IT and much more!

Over 50 Shows a week

With a wide variety of Genres for you to enjoy

A Genre for every taste

From Oldies to Blues, Pop to Country and everything in between, we are confident that we have a show that will meet everyone's needs.

We broadcast online, around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Over 100 Hours of Prrogramming Per Week

Hours and hours of great Shows

It's an ecliptic mix of live, syndicated, Voicetracked and recorded shows for your enjoyment

11 Years and Still Going Strong

The Foundation of the Station is built on 11 years of hard work and dedication

We're no amateur Station.... No, we have been going for 11 years now, serving the Fylde Coast, the UK and beyond, 24 hours a day.

Several of our volunteers have been with us since day one and are still actively part of the Station to this day!

Over 2,500 Listeners a Month

Listeners from Across The Globe

Over 2,500 listeners tune in to our Live and Syndicated Shows per month! Our Listeners tune in from all over the world, from Europe to Australia, America and beyond! (Not forgetting here in the United Kingdom)


Please make sure that you read the information on this page, before you apply to join the station. 

Lower Age Limit

For Safeguarding Purposes, you must be at least 16 years old, to volunteer on Shout Radio. There is no upper age limit to volunteer and our oldest volunteer is 76 young!


Full training is provided and we are working on our own in-house training program, called the Shout Radio Acadamy for our Presentation Department. For those applicants that are local, this will include classroom and practical hands on training. Remote Users will be able to take part in the classroom based part of the training, using Skype \ Teams.

Academy Training lasts about 5 weeks and is held once a week for around 2 – 3 hours, with breaks provided. On completion, you get a nice certificate at the end and your own fob for the building!

For all other departments, training is provided as appropriate.


Firstly, please fill in a application form. This allows us to get to know you, your needs and your skills. You will then be either invited to our base for a informal chat, (or where this is not possible) we will do this by phone. After a chat, we will either put you on the waiting list for the Acadamy (we need around 4 – 5 people for each course) If your not training in the Acadamy, we will instead, get you in for induction and start training.

We are Disability Confident

We take disabilities seriouslly, so you may be screened for diabilities. This is nothing to worry about and just helps us to understand how we can make resonbable ajustments to make sure you get the most out of volunteering. This may include extra rest periods, knowing if you are feeling overwhelmed and when you might need to take a few minutes out to get a breather or if you need physical assistance, getting round the building. (IE: Do you need a door holding open or do you need us to escort you)  In addition, all disabled volunteers based at our HQ,will have a PEEP in place. (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan)

A PEEP tells us what help you need, should we need to fully evacuate the building. (IE: if the Fire Alarm sounds) Your PEEP will tell us what help you need, (such as a door opening or you need someone to calmly help you evacuate, if you are stunned by the loud sound of the alarm) It may be that you cannot safely leave the building, or that you cannot handle the stairs. Either way, we will document this in your PEEP, which will be passed onto the Building Management, so that the evacauation procedures can be ajusted for you and that the Fire Wardens know how they can help keep you safe, in an emergency situation.

Examples of how we can ajust for your needs, include: using horizontal evacuation, where we move you to another area of the same floor, which is protected by fire doors on the same floor, (Also known as refuge points) the use of equipment, such as Emergency Evacuation Chairs, or in some cases, something as simple as escorting you calmly out of the building. These situations can be scary and that is why we have PEEP documents, so we can make sure your circumstances are taken into account and safe desisons are made, should the unthinkable happen.

We will talk to you about your disability and if we need to make any ajustments to help you, in an emergency. Some people will not need help, some may need some assistance and some may need special mesures putting in place, because using the stairs may be difficault. Your safety is paramount at the end of the day and this is why we use PEEP.

Shout Radio has qualified First Aiders on hand, should someone be taken unwell. Furthermore, we have NHS staff working within the building, should we require further assistance. If you are working from HQ, a list of First Aiders is always avalable in the office. In addition Aaron Bennett is Mental Health First Aid trained, so if you are struggling, Aaron is your first point of contact. Aaron is also our Safeguarding Coordinator and is avalable 24hrs a day, via On Call.

Our building is fully accessible to all who have disabilities. 


Support for our Volunteers

We provide support to our volunteers, 24 hours a day. Our Duty Team is made up of Senior Managemement and is our ‘On Call’ service. We’re here if you need a chat about a personal problem, you cannot get on air, or another problem where you need to speak to us.

The Duty Team can be contacted day and night, via the office on 01253 707420. The number for out of hours contact,  is always available on the office answering machine message.

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