Cheshire has third highest number of toxic landfills in country

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CHESHIRE has the third highest number of toxic landfills in England, new data has revealed.

USwitch analysed the Government’s Environment Agency data on 1,286 landfill sites in England and Wales with potentially hazardous waste.

It found that Cheshire has 43 such sites, following Greater Manchester with 94 – the highest number – and Lancashire with 49.

By recording and analysing the location of each landfill, USwitch created a ranking of the areas in the UK with the highest volume of toxic landfills in comparison to their land area.

Will Owen, energy expert at, said: “The shockingly high number of toxic landfills scattered across the country highlights the variety of problems these landfills can cause.

“It is down to the local authorities to help identify them and organise a clean-up.

“Some of these older landfills haven’t been lined before the waste was deposited, unlike modern landfills, which means that the chemicals can escape.

“With the added support and funding from the Government we will be able to stop any nasty surprises that could be coming our way.”