Aaron Bennett


Aaron Bennett

Say Hello to Aaron

Hey, I am Aaron and I am 36. I was born in Surrey, to my parents John and Christine. I have 3 sisters, Rosie, Hannah and Naiomi. I went to a normal school up until I was 6. Then I got kicked out for “being too thick” (They didn’t know I had Autism and other problems) and I attended a special needs boarding school near Guildford.

In 1996, I went into care and spent the remainder of my childhood in Children’s Homes and failed foster placements. My final Foster Family was a great success and really helped me.  I stayed with them until I was 21. Although I was adopted at 12, but went back into care when my adopted mum, Rachel got very sick with her Crohn’s and my dad had no choice but to put me back in care.


I have had years of experience in Radio and I suppose it is now in my blood. I started back in 1996, when I setup the first Youth Radio Station in the UK called City Youth Radio. (Sadly no longer broadcasting) We broadcast from “a broom cupboard” at our local Youth Centre on ISDN, (for those of you who remember ISDN) City Youth Radio continued to broadcast up until 2001, when the Youth Centre closed. I had a team of 25 Young People working on the station and it was a right shame that the station had to close.

I then went on to volunteer on Progress FM near Redhill and did a stint on there for a couple of years. Following that, I moved to Hospital Radio and began my Hospital Radio Circuit at Radio St Helier in Sutton, where on my 1st solo show, I mispronounced Dido on air! (WHOOOOPS!) I got away with it and that was where Nice n’ Easy was born from. (regarding Dido, add a L and u will know what I accidentally blurted out!)

From there, I was involved in a few Internet  stations, (Boost Radio, Tower Sound, Reach On Air and Flash Hitz Radio) until in 2010, I joined the now debunked Radio Victoria at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where I presented a show on a Sunday and Monday. (Yup Nice n’ Easy) I was at Radio Vic for around 2 years and then went on to do a year at Preston Hospital Radio. Then in 2013, Jim, my late Mother Rachel and a couple of my friends founded Shout Radio. So here we are almost 6 years later and Shout is still going strong, with a small army of volunteers and great music 24 \ 7!

My position keeps me very very busy. I am overall in charge of the station, it’s IT Systems,  output, volunteers, finance and licencing. As a volunteer myself, this takes up a lot of my time and I am often working on stuff for the station late into the night.  Our IT Systems take the largest load of work that I do on a daily basis, as our core systems need to be running 24 \ 7.  This means they need to be up and running and when there is a problem, it needs addressing straight away. Our systems mainly run on Linux, so I am often have a Bash Shell open and often tweaking and fiddling with the Linux OS as needed. We also have a Windows Server as well and I also am often working on maintaining the systems hosted on it.

I also am a Presenter and I do 3 shows a week. (The Mixed Bag Of Tunes, Friday Night Live and Nice n’ Easy) I also simulcast this on The Online Station as well as Shout Radio.

On a personal note: I live in Blackpool Lancashire and I enjoy going to the pub every week and singing on karaoke, love animals and am often at my blind friend’s house stroking her gorgeous guide dog Bessie and watching TV.

Aaron Bennett,