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“To engage with the local and the wider communities, to provide training and volunteer opportunities, in the radio industry, as well as empowering our volunteers to reach their full potential”

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What Shout Radio Outputs

We output pre recorded, live and syndicated 24 hours a day. We output high quality shows,  which are widely diverse a mix of both of content, from a large team of Presenters, from across the world.

 We do not use playlists, except for the Emergency Playlist, which will kick in, should a Presenter become disconnected from the server, or in emergency situations.

We also often engage the listener to get in touch with their requests, their dedications and shout outs. Please click here to find out how to get in touch.

Is Shout Radio Legal? 

Yes, Shout Radio holds both PRS (Performing Rights Society) and PPL (Public Phonographic Society) licences, which means we can legally play music recordings on air.


We output a wide selection of music, from the swinging 60s to today. We give our Presenters the freedom to play what ever they wish, as long as it’s covered by PRS and PPL licencing and is free of bad language. Click here to find out about the music Shout Radio plays.

Who Runs Shout Shout Radio?

Shout Radio is run by a dedicated and enthusiastic Management Team. This team oversee the running of the station on a daily basis and oversee all Departments at the station. you can find out about Station Management, by clicking here.

How to Tune In

Shout Radio is available to listen, 24 hours a day via: Our Web Player, (which is on our website) or on your iPad or Smart Phone; using TuneIn Radio or Via the Shout Player on the Facebook


We have a comprehensive Complaints Policy, for dealing with complaints. Please contact us for more information.

Privacy policy

Please click here, to read our Privacy Policy