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Shout Radio was founded on April 1st 2013, by Aaron Bennett,  Matt Vann, Jim Douglas, and Aaron’s late mother Rachel. Tired of the sound of Commercial Radio, the founders of Shout Radio devised a station that would have a different sound, running 24 hours a day, with a mix of live and pre-recorded programming.

One of our founding members: The now deceased Rachel Billington

One of the station’s Founding Members: the late Rachel Billington with the station Mascot Mollie. 

Broadcasting from a make shift studio in Aaron’s conservatory, Shout Radio started broadcasting at midnight on July 12th 2013. Our schedule was small, with very few pre-recorded shows and only a handful of live shows. At the time, we aired Big Fat Party Anthems, The Mystery Top 40, Power Anthems, Acceptable 80s, Friday Night Live and Nice n’ Easy to name a few… These shows continue to be broadcast to this day, along with may others.

A lot has changed since those early days. Unfortunately, Rachel developed Septicemia and due to this, she passed away in February 2014. We no longer broadcast from our Shetland Road Studio in Blackpool and now broadcast from a more modern studio in Northwitch, Cheshire. We now broadcast shows 24 hours a day, thanks to an enormous membership of dedicated volunteers.

in 6 and a half years, we’ve accomplished a lot! We now stream 24 hours a day, with shows being broadcast around the clock. We also are proud to have over 30 hours of LIVE programming a week, from various genres and from a wide range of talented and diverse team of Presenters! We are also the online community station for the Mid Cheshire Area, broadcasting online and around the world, 24 hours a day. We also now have a community base, where people can come and learn about Radio and get hands on experience.  (Click here to find out more about our Community Base!)