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There are so many roles to choose from at Shout Radio, from Presenting to Admin. Please have a look at the opportunities that are currently available. If you decide you do want to volunteer with us, you can apply for any of the  positions, using the form at the bottom of this page.


Presenters provide entertainment, information and of course, great music, 24 hours a day.  Our presenters need to be bubbly, chatty and sometimes a bit on the mad side! Radio shows do not always need to be serious, so having fun is all part of presenting a live show!


Our Production Volunteers create jingles and fillers, which we use on air. If you have a good voice and some creativity, this role is for you.

Social Media

Are you good with computers and know a bit about Social Media? If so we need you. Our Social Media Team keep our Facebook and Twitter Page up to date!


Our Advertising Team, promotes the station and also help to get the public to engage the station, through Public Relations

Web Team

Our Web Team keep the website updated and add content as needed.

Becoming a member of Shout Radio is quick, easy and FREE. Membership is open to anyone aged 16 years old or over. So get in touch now and become a member and join the Shout Radio Family

Sign Up Now! It’s quick and it’s free!

Important Note: Please do not send in emails with very little information, as they will automatically be rejected. We need to know what you can bring to the station and we need to know about any experience in radio, (if you have had any experience. It does not matter if you have not!) as well as when you are available to volunteer and any other information we may need to know. (IE: Do you have a disability?)

If you are joining as a Presenter, you will need some basic equipment, (A headset with a microphone and software to broadcast)  which we will help set up for you.  If you are a more “established” Presenter and have a Mixerdesk, you more than likely will know what you are doing.

What Happens when you submit your application.

Once we receive your application, you will be sent an email with a tracking ID, which allows you to track your application. (This is via our Helpdesk, which is our single point of access for IT Issues and Membership applications)

Someone from our Volunteer Team will have a look at your application and will then get in contact with you.

Once done, we will get your email account (and broadcast accounts if appropriate) setup and that’s all there is to it!)

To get started, please fill in the below form. We look forward to you joining the Shout Radio Family! 🙂

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We need to be aware of any disabilities you may have. (Including Mental Health issues and Learning Disabilities.
It is important that you tell us about any disabilities you may have. We need to know, so that we can make "reasonable adjustments" to help support you, while you volunteer with us; under the Disabilities Discrimination Act. Both Mental Health Issues and Learning Disabilities also count as a disability. Please leave this field blank if this does not apply to you and skip to the next question.
If you have had any previous volunteer experience, please tell us about it here. We would especially know about any radio experience you may have. Please skip this question if it does not apply to you.
In a few words, please tell us why you want to join Shout Radio and what you think you can bring to the station. For instance, you could be a keen country music fan and could bring us a show showcasing the best of country. Or you could know a thing or two about sports and want to do a sports show. Also use this space to outline a show you want to do, if applying to be a Presenter.
Are You Local to our Blackpool Office? *
We actually have a physical studio which operates in Blackpool and is also our Station Headquarters. If you are local, you may be able to use the studio facilities!
Please tell us the days you are available to volunteer on Shout Radio. (Hold CTRL and click to select more than one day)
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Please use this space to add any information that you feel is relevant or will support your application.
If you have a demo avalable, please post the web address of the file. This may be on a website elsewhere, or in your Dropbox. If you do not have a demo available, please skip this field. Please note: We will need to hear a demo from you in the future, if you are applying to become a Presenter.
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