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Our enthusiastic Management Team manage the station and the teams of volunteers, which falls under their umbrella. The most interesting part of this, is that all Management are volunteers themselves and give up their own time to help keep Shout Radio on air.

Aaron Bennett – Chairman *
Aaron is our Chairman and is overall responsible
for the operation of Shout Radio and it’s team of volunteers.

Email: Please contact me via Station Management

Jim Douglas – Operations Manager *
Jim oversees the day to day operations of Shout Radio and it’s
team of volunteers.

Email: jim.douglas@shoutradio.org.uk

Edd Norton – Assistant Chairman *
Edd is Deputy Chairman for Shout Radio.

Email: edd.norton@shoutradio.org.uk

Matt Vann – Head of Volunteering*
Matt is responsible for ensuring shows sent in are uploaded
to Airsuite. Matt also is head of volunteering, which deals
with the recruitment and management of volunteers.

Email: matt.vann@shoutradio.org.uk

David Boden – Asst. Station Manager (On Long Term Sick Leave)
David is responsible for assisting the Station Manager with the
daily output of the station.

Email: david.boden@shoutradio.org.uk