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When Shout Radio launched, almost half a decade ago, it was just a mere hobby, something that we wanted to grow to be eventually. Our station had very little money and very little equipment. However, we managed to keep the station on the air for almost half a decade on a shoe string, The station’s budget was tight, solely managed by our Chairman; which is how the station continues to run to this very day. Broadcasting from a makeshift studio in Aaron’s conservatory, Shout Radio started broadcasting at midnight on July 12th 2013. Our schedule was small, with very few pre-recorded shows and only a handful of live shows. At the time, we aired Big Fat Party Anthems, The Mystery Top 40, Power Anthems, Acceptable 80s, Friday Night Live and Nice n’ Easy to name a few… These shows continue to be broadcast to this day, along with may others.

None of the 4 founders thought Shout Radio would grow as well as it has done in the last few years. We engaged with the wider community and have encouraged others to join the station and use it as a tool, in so many contexts. (IE: Matthew Vann uses airtime on a Monday night, to discuss community-related issues, such as domestic violence, mental Health awareness and homelessness to name a few) We all want our voices to be heard and we all have issues in the community, which need to be raised; yet we lack a way to safely raise these important issues that affect our community.

For instance, Mr Fosberry works for the local Hospital, where there have been a number elderly people coming to the Mental Health Clinic he works for, suffering from depression; caused by loneliness. This is an issue that Mr Fosberry feels strongly about,, but there is not a medium for him to get the issue raised, to a wider target audience. Shout Radio can help Mr Fosberry, by giving him airtime to discuss such issues as part of our specialist shows we air. (IE: Matt’s Evening Show.)

As the station that provides continual learning, through the medium of radio, Shout Radio can provide many other opportunities apart from broadcasting. Shows may need research doing for them, which means we can have volunteers who make phone calls, browse the web and go out and about, looking for information for a show. There will be opportunities for journalism, as we hope to have a dedicated daily news show. For this, we will need journalists to look for local news stories ( via the local papers; internet etc.)

Shout Radio currently has several specialist shows, which are broadcast every evening. However, with our current plans, we hope to open a training studio locally, (In the next year) so that people can come and have a go at broadcasting while learning new skills and making new friends. (Going back to the example of elderly people being lonely, Shout Radio could reach out to the older generation,  (Over 60s) who may be socially isolated. By reaching out to the elderly,  as well as other groups who may benefit from being part of the station, (IE: Single mums, younger people, unemployed people etc) we can bring the community together and be a shining beacon for our community.