This page will keep you up to date with the changes made to this website. Each change made, will be logged on this page, with a description of the modifications, that have been made.

23rd February 2021
  • The Menu Bar was fixed and the current page link does not hang down anymore.
  • The Menu Bar now has a sub-menu under the Get In Touch link, which allows access to the Departmental Contacts Page
  • The Teams Page was added to the main Menu.
  • The Teams Page is now better organised and now has links to individual pages, for the relative Departments.
  • The Join Us Page has been tidied up and information about Confidentiality \ Data Protection has been added.
  • The Join Us Form has been tidied up and the database for this form has been vacuumed out, removing all old entries.
  • A banner has been added to the Homepage, regarding our Alexa Skill.
  • Our Office Fax Number has been added to the footer of the website and has also to the Get In Touch Page.
  • This Changelog page, has been added to the footer links.