Departmental Contacts

Shout Radio is made up of several Departments, which are run by teams of volunteers. To contact one of the Station Officers, please click here for a list of contacts.

Shows Team: shows@shoutradio.org.uk
If you send us shows for weekly broadcast. This email address is
for shows already being syndicated with us.

If you would like your show to be syndicated on the station, please
get in touch with Station Management. (See below)

Station Management: reception@shoutradio.org.uk
For all general enquiries,please contact Reception, who will forward
your enquiry to.the relevant person \ department.

You can also phone us on 01606 339915. (Option 2) If appropriate,
you can also ask to speak to the On Call Duty Manager.

IT Services : it@shoutradio.org.uk
For all back end and non support IT issues

Studio Team: studio@shoutradio.org.uk
Contact the Presenters on air

IT Servicedesk: servicedesk@shoutradio.org.uk
For all IT Support issues, please log a support request with the IT Servicedesk.

Communications: communications@shoutradio.org.uk
For all Social Media, Communications and PR Enquiries.

Volunteer Services: membership@shoutradio.org.uk
To join the station for free and become a volunteer, please get in touch with
our Membership Department.

Out of Hours Support  (For Emergencies Only)
There is a Duty Manager on call for Emergencies out of hours. (Such as the
station going off air, dead air, etc.) This service provides urgent support, in
the event of an emergency, during the evenings \ overnight Mon – Fri. and at
the weekend \ Bank Holidays, we operate this service 24 hours a day.

You can access this service, by calling 01606 339915 and then choose Option
2. (The same way you would contact Station Management) Your call will then
be connected to the out of hours Duty Manager on call.