Management Team

Shout Radio is run totally by volunteers, this also includes our Management Team. Our Management Team oversee the running of Shout Radio on a daily basis. The team have bases at our Headquarters in Blackpool, at North House. Our  Management Team come from all walks of life and bring varied skills to the station, Each member of the Management Team, are responsible for a different area of the station; as well as being attached to other departments on the station.

Management also provide a 24 hour “Duty System,” providing support to our volunteers and also for the public, access to a Duty Manager. This is a  24 hour service, which operates 7 days a week.

The Team


Aaron Bennett – Chief Executive

Aaron is our Chief Executive Officer and has been doing radio work for decades. He was the founder of the first Youth Radio Station in Surrey and he also founded the Khaoz Media Project in York, as well as working on Hospital Radio, at Radio St Helier in Sutton (London), Preston Hospital Radio & Radio Victoria in Blackpool.

Aaron has years of experience and has a real passion for radio and community driven radio stations. He presents 3 shows on Shout Radio – The Mixed Bag Of Tunes on a Monday, Friday Night Live on Friday and Nice n’ Easy on a Sunday. As well as being in charge of the daily running of the station, Aaron is responsible for the station licences, he is also the Head of Finance, the Head of IT and is also is the Lead Safeguarding Officer for the station. Aaron is also responsible for drawing up strategies and policies, He is responsible leading the Station Management Team and other teams on the station and chairing regular Management Meetings.

in his spare time, Aaron is a big gamer and plays Train Simulator and the Sims. He also enjoys reading, karaoke and looking after the Station Mascot Peppy the cat!

Position Vacant – Managing Director

This position is currently vacant

Jim Douglas – Programming Director

Jim is a veteran of Radio Broadcasting, after working on Radio Victoria in Blackpool for over 40 years!! He is just as dedicated to Radio as Aaron and is a keen Country Music fan!

Jim is responsible for the scheduling on the station, vetting of demos and also is responsible for the music on our IT Systems at our HQ.

He is also a huge fan of busses and trams and has over 100 tram and bus models on display in the office. He is affectionately known as “grandad” by various volunteers!

Toby Gribben – Social Media Manager

Toby is our Social Media Manager and looks after our Social Media Accounts. For our Scottish Toby, this role keeps him very busy, as we get a regular stream of messages through our Social Media Accounts.

Toby is a big fan of the Muppets, from Kermit and Miss Piggy, to Gonzo, Animal, Fozzy Bear and Rizzo The Rat!

Lin Scouse Mckay – Office Manager

Lin is our Office Manager and keeps the office running efficiently. She is known to be the one to start Aaron’s legendary laughing fits and to make the pre and after show brews!