IT Team

Our IT Teams, take care of our IT Systems and Websites. From maintaining the website, to managing our Studio Network. IT also deal with the Servicedesk, which we share  with the Volunteer Services Team. The Servicedesk is busy and deals with Incidents, Change Requests and General Support issues. IT is also responsible for the maintenance of core systems, such as Airsuite, our IP Phone System and also the VPS, which our website is hosted on.

Our Internal Network comprises of several PCs and 2 Servers, which keep the systems at HQ running 24\7. Our HQ is long and narrow, so running lots of cabling around the building, could be classed as hazardous, as well as extremely expensive. So, we use Powerline Networking,which is faster and more secure, but also reduces the amount of wiring. Our 2 Servers host the music database, which contains over 62,0000 tracks, (along with jingles and promos etc) as well as S-Net, which is our internal Intranet. Our servers run Windows 2008 and our Studio Workstations run Windows 7 Professional, as a domain network with the following standard baseline configuration: :

  • Office 2003 Professional (Word, Outlook, Access, Powerpoint and Excel)
  • Team Viewer (For Internal Remote Access)
  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Defender Antivirus
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Station Playlist Studio (On the Studio PC Only)
  • Station Playlist Creator (On the File Server)
  • Faronics Deep Freeze (Prevents permanent changes being made to the PCs)

The servers both run Windows Server 2008 and have different configurations setup. One of the servers is a Domain Controller, for the internal Network Domain, (shoutradio.local) as well as a Deployment Server, running Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, (also known as MDT) the Deep Freeze Management Console, Network File Shares and Internet Information Server. (Which is a web server) The other Server is a File Server for our Music Database.

We also have a Konika Multi-Function Printer, which is also networked and can be accessed via any PC on the network. Our network also connects our IP Phones to a externally hosted PABX System, which provides us with an internal and external Telephone System, with several telephone extensions for internal use. This is hosted in the cloud and is setup with a IVR (Also known is a Iterative Voice Prompt) directs calls to the various telephones on the network. It also provides Voicemail Music on Hold, among many others. We have a mix of Grandstream and Cisco IP Phones, which is configured for our Telephony needs.

Network security is important and this is why, our network is firewalled and also we have access restrictions on what can be accessed. Access Control allows us to control what users can and cannot access and also allows us to audit who has accessed what and when. This may sound trivia to you, but after events such as the Wannacry Virus Attack, it makes sense to have things in place, to prevent such instances. Our network is also backed up regularly, with all files being backed up to external medium.

The IT Department is managed by Aaron Bennett, who has a Degree in Computer Science and has had years of experience of managing Windows and Netware Networks.