Enjoy a relaxing autumn walk in Tatton Park

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A HARVEST festival is being held at Tatton Park this weekend to celebrate autumn’s abundance.

Families are invited to bring their pets and have them blessed alongside the farm animals.

Tatton Park is the perfect place for making the most of autumn.

The gardens, farm and 1000-acre parkland provide plenty of space at this colourful time of year and they are hosting a series of seasonal activities.

A new Percy the park keeper event has started again in dairy wood and is a perfect way for keeping the family active outdoors.

Inspired by Nick Butterworth’s book After the Storm, children can help Percy and his friends on this seasonal trail of forest play and muddy adventure.

Trees laden with fruit are a wonderful sight in autumn.

Tatton Park in autumn

Tatton Park in autumn

Apple day gives visitors a chance to taste lots of different varieties

The beautiful walled orchards in Tatton Park gardens open Sunday, October 3 for apple day. Visitors can taste or buy from a mouth-watering range of apple varieties.

Beyond the orchard, the changing leaves pop with colour in the Japanese gardens and as the leaves fall, longer views can be enjoyed from the broad walk and Italian terrace.

Tatton Park in autumn

Tatton Park in autumn

The Japanese gardens will be bursting with colour

Several forest bathing sites have been introduced offering a beginner’s guide to the art of spending time beneath trees and a boost to your sense of wellbeing.

The parkland bursts with wildlife at this time of year.

Walking through the grounds, visitors may hear the deer bellowing and see stags competing for females by locking antlers during the rut.

Tatton Park in autumn

Tatton Park in autumn

A stag in the parkland

On a much smaller scale, many types of fungi can be seen growing around the parkland in the coming weeks.

A fungal foray takes place on Sunday, October 17 led by fungus expert fungal punk Dave and a Tatton Park ranger.

Guided walks in the parkland can be booked online at tattonpark.org.uk or call 01625 374428.