Management Team

Shout Radio is managed by a team of Senior Volunteers, who oversee the day to day management of the Station. Each Department of the station is overseen by a member of our Management Team. The Management Team are a friendly bunch and are always here to support our Volunteers.

Our Management Team have regular meetings, which are where we discuss any existing or new business, discuss strategy and plans for the future, finance and much more. These Meetings are usually held once a month, on a Thursday evening. Senior Management also often are “pinging messages” to each other via Instant Messaging, so we are always in close communications. In addition, we have a On Call service, which is run by our Management Team, who are on call through the day, to deal with any problems that may arise.

The Senior Management Team are made up of the following Directors:

Aaron Bennett – Chief Executive Officer

Aaron is our Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for: Finance, Policy & Procedure, Strategic Planning.

Aaron Wheeler – Managing Director

Aaron is our Managing Director and is responsible for: Generally overseeing Business Operations, Supervising and supporting the Management Team and Strategic Planning

Neil Ferris – Operations Director

Neil is our Operations Director and has the following responsibilities:  Managing the day to day operations of Shout Radio and it’s many Departments.  Liaising with the Chief Executive \ Managing Director to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals and supervising volunteers. from different departments and provide constructive feedback.

Toby Gribben – Director for Workforce 

Toby is our Director of Workforce and is responsible for: Volunteer Recruitment, Volunteer Policy and Volunteer Management.



Middle Management

Our Middle Management Team, look after other sides of the station, including the Website and IT Systems, Playout Systems, Shows Management and much more:

Jack Bamford: Network Manager

Jack is in charge of our network, making sure that all our internal IT Systems

Vacant Position: Airsuite Manager

The Airsuite Manager makes sure that shows are uploaded to the server on a daily basis and making sure that cover is provided for Presenters, where needed