Management Team

Our Station is managed by a very enthusiastic Management Team, who run the station on a daily basis, provide essential support other volunteers and departments. 

Aaron Bennett – Chief Executive Officer, Safeguarding Coordinator and Head of IT

Aaron has been into radio since he was very little. He first started working in radio, as a teenager, running the 1st Youth Radio Station in the UK. (Before the likes of YouthFM) He also helped on a RSL Station in Redhill, followed by several long stints on Hospital Radio Stations across the UK. 

These days, you will find Aaron in our General Office, but he does broadcast shows too! Aaron presents The Mixed Bag Of Tunes on a Monday afternoon and Nice n’ Easy on a Sunday evening.

Aaron is also head of our IT Department and also is our Safeguarding Coordinator.

He is known to utter “rude words at the computer, when it doesn’t work properly and  he also utters rude words at his Alexa! 

Jim Douglas – Acting Managing Director and Programming Controller

Jim’s another veteran of the airwaves, as he has been in the radio business for over 50 years! Jim worked on Radio Victoria, (At Blackpool Victoria Hospital) from 1967 to 20014, presenting shows, training volunteers and building a computer database of all the station’s music.

Jim loves his Country Music, He has a wide knowledge of Country Artists and Country Music Tracks and still presents the same show, he did on Radio Victoria! (Saturday Country) Jim is also on the air every day of the week. You cannot get more dedicated than that!

Toby Gribben – Social Media Manager

Toby is our Social Media Manager and looks after our Social Media Accounts. For our Scottish Toby, this role keeps him very busy, as we get a regular stream of messages through our Social Media Accounts.

Toby is a big fan of the Muppets, from Kermit and Miss Piggy, to Gonzo, Animal, Fozzy Bear and Rizzo The Rat!

Sherri-Lynn Osbourne – Office Manager

Sherri is our Office Manager and keeps the office running efficiently. She is known to be the one to start Aaron’s legendary laughing fits and to make the pre and after show brews!

John S – Officer without Portfolio 

John is a Officer without Portfolio