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Things have been manic over the last couple of weeks, which has kept our Management Team very busy! We have had a whopping 10 new volunteers join us, in under 3 weeks, which means, we have loads of great shows on the station! Here are a selection of some of the great new shows on Shout Radio:

Henry Show

No, we can assure you that this show is nothing about vacuum cleaners! Instead, it music and chat with Henry O’ Donovan, who has returned to the airwaves! He is on air with his Henry Show, from 1am – 3pm on a Sunday and his Plus Music Show is on air

Nige On The Radio

Nigel is another of our new recruits and has a request show, on a Sunday afternoon.


We now have a 7 days a week Breakfast Show, hosted by Piers Mattrick. The show has news bulletins, weather forecasts, traffic and travel, plus much more.

Gavalar Nation

Hosted by Gavin Bass, this show has mainly dance music, but has a few oldies but goodies too! The show airs: Monday 10pm – Midnight

The Love Show

Gareth Pell has 2 hours of your favorite love songs. The show is aired every Tuesday, 3pm – 5pm

The Midweek Show 

Aaron Bennett hosts this Magazine Show, with interviews, features on local issues, music and your requests. The show is on air, every Wednesday from 6pm

60s Memory Shows

Sixties Music Memories with Keith and Ruth Bradshaw every Thursday, from 6pm – 7pm. Sixty minutes of Sixties classics, music from that great decade that changed the face of popular music – for ever! Plus a host of magical memories from the time. Top tunes to tap your toes to, super songs to singalong to – and much more besides!

So please feel free to go and have a flick through the schedule, to find loads more new shows, which are airing through the week. So welcome to all our new volunteers!

Finally, Aaron Bennett and Matthew Vann will be interviewing “Rude Guy”on Monday, about the hillerious “Adult version” of Postman Pat. Rude Guy has over 32,000 followers on Youtube alone. So Aaron and Matt will be putting Rude Guy in the hot seat, so we can find out about Mrs Miggins, how Bob the Builder was killed and if Fireman Sam ever work out who the assisin really is?

The Interview will be broadcast during the Midweek Show on Wednesday.