Northwich MP says Labour leader wrong to write Sun article

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NORTHWICH MP Mike Amesbury has called Sir Keir Starmer’s decision to write for the Sun as ‘wrong’ and ‘insensitive’.

The leader of the opposition was on the receiving end of a backlash from many of his own MPs after writing an exclusive editorial piece over the weekend.

Weaver Vale MP Mr Amesbury, who is the Shadow Housing Minister, pointed to the anger and hurt caused to the families of the 97 Hillsborough victims.

At the time of the disaster, more than 32 years ago, the Sun peddled ‘vile untruths’ Mr Amesbury tweeted.

“The decision by Keir to use the Sun for an Op Ed piece is both wrong and insensitive,” he said.

“Justice for the 97 is not done, the hurt for Hillsborough families and supporters is raw.

“Vile untruths were peddled to protect the establishment and those responsible escape justice.”

The Labour leader faced a fierce backlash from several other Merseyside MPs, including Ian Byrne, who effectively said Sir Kier wasn’t fit for the position.

Sir Keir promised not to give interviews to the tabloid during his leadership campaign in January 2020.