Office Network

Our Office uses a “Star Network”, which is also known as a “Client \ Server Network”.  The network is controlled by a Domain Controller, running Microsoft Windows 2008, running with Active Directory. The Domain Network, is controlled by the Domain Controller. This controls the computers and user accounts on the Network. Unless you have a account on the network, you will be unable to use the computers.

What is Collision Domain in Networking - itguide4u
A diagram of how a Domain Network works

Networked computers are connected by cables to the Network Switch and then to the Domain Controller, running on one of our 2 Network Servers.  The system has been configured to also use “Mandatory Profiles.” A Mandatory Profile is a user profile that has been configured by a Network Administrator, so that it does not save changes to the profile, when the user logs off. So in essence, the user can change the wallpaper, jiggle the icons around etc, but when the user logs off, the changes are disgarded and a fresh copy of the profile will be downloaded, once the user logs back onto the workstation. Mandatory Profiles also allow an Admin, to also specify the icons that are shown on the desktop. (As well as the Windows default icons:  Internet Explorer, Network, My Documents, My Computer and The Recycle Bin.

Group Policy

Group Policy is also in use