Our Community Base

Our Community Base, is 1.5 north of Blackpool Town Centre, and is where many of the Station Departments are based. Our base is also where our physical studio is located, and has Professional Radio equipment. We are fortunate to have a Sonifex S2 Broadcasting Desk, with professional microphones. We also have 2 CD Players and also 3 Computers, in the studio itself.

One of our computers, runs Station Playlist, which is a profession Broadcast Software. This is complimented on the Production PC, by Station Playlist Creator. Creator allows us to manage our Music  Database and allows Presenters to do show prep and allows them to create playlists.

In the office, we have a single PC, for administration. This computer, is also connected to the Studio Network, which allows us to share resources.  We also have a Konika A3 Photocopier, which also acts as a Network Printer.

The building has secure door entry system and the outside of the building (and the security door) is protected by CCTV. Disabled Access, is via level access from the rear. There is no bell or Intercom at the rear, so visitors using the back entrance, will need to phone the office on arrival. 

A floor plan of Shout HQ. (Not to scale)

We have wide doorways, in the studio complex and we also have a accessible toilet. The whole building is also protected by a very sensitive Fire Alarm System, which will sound throughout the building, when the fire alarm is activated. All doors in the studio complex, are fire doors and protect the room in question, for up to 60 minutes. 

The studio uses “Smart Technology” and uses LED Smart bulbs, which allow us to control the lighting in the studio, via speech.

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