Welcome from our Chief Executive Officer

I am delighted you have chosen to access the Shout Radio Website, as a listener, a potential volunteer, or someone that just wants to find out what we are about. When I started the station over TEN years ago, it started as a hobby, spinning a few discs, telling rubbish jokes on air and having a laugh. However, over the years, it has really evolved and has become a important resource, to our local and wider communities. People have come and gone, but the station stands strong and our landmark 10th birthday is testament to this. Who would of thought that we would last over a decade, despite the mishaps, the odd disaster and the laughter and the sorrow, we have faced together, over the last few years.

I am a great believer in education and I think that Shout Radio is a great educational resource. It teaches teamwork, history, music, (believe it or not) maths, (You got to be able to calculate how many songs you need in each hour and how long your links are!) geography, IT skills, literacy and much more! It is hard to grasp that a Community Radio Station can teach you all this!  On top of this, it teaches communication, offers our volunteers a way to express themselves and to have fun, while being fully supported by my fantastic Management Team. 

I encourage all my volunteers to reach their full potential, to spread their wings and to enjoy each and every moment of their time as a volunteer. This goes to show, with some of our “Veteran Broadcasters.” Many of these, have been with us for several years and I hope will be with us for several more to come. Most of all, we put the listener and the community at the heart of everything we do, no matter what. We have over SIXTY volunteers, (including myself) and we are still growing and becoming bigger and better as the days pass. Each and every volunteer gives their time for free, to make a difference to the community. (regardless of if this is local or further afield.) It is the word “community” brings us together, something to ‘become and belong to,’ without barriers or walls, without stigma, without fear and without judgement. I think, that is something quite special in itself.

I strongly advocate disability rights, (and not just because I am disabled myself) equality and compassion and it shows, with the the fantastic work we do. I don’t think I could be any prouder of my volunteers and you our listeners. (I am aware, that some of you tune in for days and weeks at a time and I really do appreciate your support. My volunteers can’t hog all the credit, some has to go to you too.

So I will conclude by saying that Shout Radio is something that should be celebrated and recognised. It is an essential community service and I am so humbled and so proud to be a part of it. I hope that Shout Radio keep going for many many more years to come and continue to serve you, the community.

Aaron Bennett
Chief Executive Officer


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