About Us

Shout Radio is a Community Radio Station that provides news, entertainment and information to the communities of Cheshire, the Fylde Coast. (Both in the North West of the United Kingdom) and the world, via the Internet.

The History of Shout Radio


Aaron’s Mum Rachel, sat with the former station Mascot: Mollie.

The station was born on July 7th 2013 and was founded by Matthew Vann, Aaron Bennett, a few of his friends and Aaron’s late mother Rachel. Rachel sadly died in 2014, but the station lives on in her memory of her, as a “living legacy” to her.

The station originally had just he 4 Founding Members, doing live shows. Pre-Record wise, we only had Big Tommy, Brett Costello, Bill Grainger and Paul Baker sending shows. These members  still send in their weekly shows in, the same as the many members who send in their shows regularly.

Shout Radio was originally based in a conservatory, which was in Aaron’s house. The roof leaked, the electrics were dodgy and it was very cold Our 2nd studio was in South Shore and was much smaller. We were forced to move, after a fire in the flat above.

When Aaron’s Nan died, Aaron went back to Cheshire, where the station took on a real transformation, including a new website.

We were later based at Winnington Hall. This very large building, was our home for 3 years. We rented offices on the 2nd floor . This was when we re-branded as “Cheshire’s  Community Radio Station. This building was very grand and has it’s restaurant and even Tennis Courts! However, our 2nd floor studio and office were not accessible, as the lift only goes to the 1st floor, so we had to look at moving. It was a sad day when we had to leave Winnington Hall and we thank Linda for allowing us to use office space in the building.

In 2018, our Mascot Mollie, died at the ripe old age of 13.  She had had a really good life and had bought alot of joy. Sadly, we did not have much of a choice, but to have her put to sleep. The passing of Mollie, really affected Aaron, as he was so close to her.

Later in 2018, we moved back to Blackpool, due to a number of reasons. We now operate from a less posh location in Blackpool, but we do have a sea view! Our current
accommodation has CCTV, secure door entry, is completely accessible and is guarded by our current Mascot, Peppy

Our Volunteers

Shout Radio has around 30 dedicated volunteers, (From Management to Presenters, admin and Social Media) who keep the station running, 24 hours a days a week

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. They are the beating heart of the station and bring a wide array of skills and music genres to the station. Each volunteer is a member of a station Team, (or teams)  which are managed by the Senior Management Team.

Our Music

Our Presenters play a wide selection of music, from golden oldies, country, R&B, Soul and many many other genres of music. We give our presenters a free rain on the music they play as long as they stick to the 3 golden rules:

Presenters must not play tracks with swearing or harmful content
Presenters must only 3 of the same artist within a 3 hour slot
Keep music appropriate for the station. (We do not have a watershed)

Unsigned music is another band of music we play and we do have a couple of shows that music by play unsigned artists.

Our Teams

Shout Radio is divided up into several departments. These departments are staffed by volunteers and managed by a member of the Station Management Team.

Presentation & Production 

This is the largest and busiest departments on the station. Not only do volunteers present live shows, but also create the many jingles we use on air! This department never sleeps as we are broadcast round the clock.

IT Department 

Our IT Department, looks after the IT Systems, such as Airsuite and our website, as well as our Internal Office Network. The IT Department are also responsible for the IT Service Desk, which is our Online Support System.

Volunteer Department 

Our Volunteer Team look after our volunteers as well as managing the sign ups of new volunteers.

Social Media Team

Our Social Media Team, look after our Facebook and Twitter pages, posting updates and replying to messages.

Management Team

Our  Management Team are the ones responsible for anything that is too boring for anyone else to do. That includes keeping the licences up to date, paying bills, organising meetings etc. We do it so you don’t have to.

Admin Team

Our Admin team look after the administration of the station, including replying to emails, filing, photocopying etc.

Our Headquarters in Blackpool

Shout Radio has a Community Base here in Blackpool UK. This is our Community Base as well as our HQ. Our Community Base allows volunteers to gain experience in radio, by using state of the art equipment. The building is accessible, with level access from the back of the building, a disabled toilet and wheelchair accessible doorways. Click here, to find out more about our Community Base, here in Blackpool.